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Molecular Formula:C18H36O2
Soybean oil Fatty Acids; Octadecanoic acid; Stearophanic acid; n-Octadecanoic acid; Cetylacetic acid; Pearl Stearic; Stearex Beads; Octadecansaeure; Stearinsaeure; Vanicol; 1-Heptadecanecarboxylic acid; Century 1240; Industrene R; Glycon DP; Glycon TP; Humko Industrene R; Dar-chem 14
Brief Introduction
Stearic acid is a kind of fatty acid widely existing in nature. Almost all oils contain stearic acid with different contents. The content of stearic acid in animal fat is higher, such as 24% in butter, less in vegetable oil, 0.8% in tea oil and 6% in palm oil, but 34% in cocoa butter.
Molecular Formula:C17H20N4O6
Riboflavin; Vitamin B2; Riboflavine; Lactoflavin
Brief Introduction
Riboflavin is mainly used as medicine, food additive and feed additive. In medicine, riboflavin is used as compound vitamin or vitamin B2 preparation, and as yellow colorant of sugar coated tablets and capsules. When it is used as food additive, it can strengthen nutrition on the one hand, and it can also be used as yellow colorant on the other hand.
Molecular Formula:C14H12O2
Scobenol; Benzoic acid, Phenylmethyl Ester; Phenylmethyl Benzoate; Scabide; Benzoic acid Benzyl Ester; Ascabiol
Brief Introduction
Benzoic acid benzyl ester is used as a solvent and flavor fixer for musk, and a substitute for camphor. It is used for the preparation of pertussis and asthma medicine, and also as solvent for cellulose acetate, confectionery seasoning, plastic plasticizer, insect repellent.
Molecular Formula:C38H60O18
Stevia Extract; Steviosides; Steviosin; Rebaudin; Beta-D-Glucopyranosyl(1R,4As,7S,8Ar,10As)-7-(2-O-(Beta-D-Glucopyranosyl)-Alpha-D-Glucopyranosyloxy)-1,4A-Dimethyl-12-Methyleneperhydro-7,8A-Ethanophenanthren-1-Carboxylate; Beta-D-Glucopyranosylester; Kaur-16-En-18-Oicacid,13-((2-O-Beta-D-Glucopyranosyl-Alpha-D-Glucopyranosyl)O; (4Alpha)-Beta-D-Glucopyranosyl 13-[(2-O-Beta-D-Glucopyranosyl-Beta-D-Glucopyranosyl)Oxy]Kaur-16-En-18-Oate; 13-[(2-O-Beta-D-Glucopyranosyl-Alpha-D-Glucopyranosyl)Oxy]Kaur-16-En-18-Oic Acid Beta-D-Glucopyranosyl Ester; Stevia; HS Code for Stevia
Brief Introduction
Stevioside is a mixture of eight kinds of sugars with the same diterpenoid ligands. It does not contain sugar and heat. Its color is white to yellowish. It has suitable taste and no peculiar smell. It is a new sugar source with broad development prospects. Stevioside is a kind of sweetener which has been found in the world and approved by the Ministry of health of China. It has low calorie and its taste is very close to sucrose. It is the third natural sweetener with development value and health esteem after sugarcane and beet sugar. It is internationally known as "the third sugar source in the world". Stevioside, as a food sweetener and preservative, is widely used in food industry to produce high sweetness, low calorie, low salt and anti caries food.
Molecular Formula:C2H6S2
Methyldisulfide; Disulfide,Dimethyl; Dithioether; Dmds; Dimethyldisulfide; Dimethyle Disulfide
Brief Introduction
It is used as solvent and pesticide intermediate, fuel and lubricating oil additive, coking inhibitor of ethylene cracking furnace and refining unit.
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