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About Chemball
Chemball is a leading chemical products sourcing marketplace, we are established to promote international trade and
optimize supply chain in the chemical industry. Chemball is a free entry platform that doesn't charge buyers and sellers
membership fees, we use digital technology and Internet technology to get orders for manufacturers and provide trade
services for buyers and sellers.
Why   Chemball ?
Increase Sales
By digitally aggregating demand, Chemball connects you with new buyers that you haven't known. New markets and increasing sales is right at your fingertips!
Discover Industry Insights
By collecting global industry information and product prices, you gain access to real-time market insights to help your team manage your offline and online business.
Digital Marketing
Let Chemball be your digital strategy. From SEO and digital marketing, we handle the hard part of creating a digital presence without any fee, we charge only when we bring you real orders.
Selling Agents
We conduct credit evaluation on buyers, and for customers whose trade terms are unacceptable, we deal with buyers as your company agent. moreover, your products can also be authorized to us to help you sell globally.
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