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Why Chemball ?
Reliability and Trust
We conduct supplier qualification for all manufacturers registered on the platform to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of supplier and product information, we pride ourselves on being a reliable option for all your chemical needs.
High Efficiency
You don't have to worry about finding the suitable supplier, CHEMBALL’s one-stop sourcing marketplace empowers your business more efficient by connecting you directly to tens of thousands of chemical products and thousands of manufacturing plants.
Stability and Safety
Transactions witnessed by the platform as third party, we strictly supervise quality system and production progress, provide logistics advice to buyers, so that buyers can realize the stability of the supply chain safely.
Cost Savings
You get a quotation from the manufacturers and settle business directly. No markups from the middleman means lower prices and more savings for you.
Transaction Assurance
We provide transaction assurance services for buyers when trade is done by Chemball, including payment security, product quality and delivery time, and then, buyers and sellers can break through the barrier of trust and conclude transactions smoothly and efficiently.
Agent Purchasing Service
With more than fifteen year’s chemical industry and international trade experience, CHEMBALL can provide professional purchasing service when the global buyers don’t have office in China.
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